Egyptian Gods

The God Anubis

Recognizable by his black dog head, Anubis (Impu in Egyptian) probably dates back to the sources of Egyptian civilization, since his feast is mentioned as early as 3000 BC.

Protector of the city of Kasa, whose emblem was the stray dog, Anubis very early became the patron of embalmers by inventing mummification. The technique first tested on the dismembered body of the god Osiris, his father. Master of thanatophobia, he accompanied the deceased, protected his body from corruption and therefore from final death. During the embalming, the priest put on the mask of Anubis and replayed the mythological scene of the mummification of Osiris. The black color of Anubis would be the metaphor of its function: pouring bitumen into the corpse.


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