Egyptian Gods

Ra, God of the Sun

Defication of the visible sun, Ra is one of the main gods of Egypt. It is he who, on the solar boat, crosses the sky during the day before crossing the west. At dusk, it descends underground and makes the opposite path before leaving the east the next day. Ancient legends say that Re reigned over men, but that they rebelled against him. Forced to defend himself, he sent them a formidable weapon, his eye (Hathor). Being not the only solar divinity, the various clergy gradually assimilated him to other gods. In the morning, it is Khepri, the beetle emerging from the ground after its pupation. At noon, it becomes Horakhty, that is to say, Horus solarized. At sunset, it turns into Atoum, the aging demiurge. The righteous and burning power of Re will dominate the three millennia of Ancient Egypt.

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